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Our mission is simple:

To provide EVERY woman with all of the tools she needs to reach her health & fitness goals- regardless of her preferences, current fitness level or financial situation. 

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And... how exactly do we do that? 

By offering an all-inclusive, one of a kind monthly membership that includes literally EVERYTHING you need to be successful with your fitness journey.


Tired of the at-home workouts? Or maybe too intimidated to start working out at a big box gym? NO SWEAT!

The entire program can be completed either at home OR in the gym... so no matter where you prefer to complete your workouts, Femmephasize will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

(Well maybe just a little...)

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Like to try things out before you commit? Us too.

Click the button below for a FREE 7 day trial.

Stream from your phone, laptop, tablet, computer, gaming console or TV.

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Fitness Equipments

Heidi S.

I have to let everyone know about Femmephasize- it is simply amazing! I love the  convenience and flexibility of working out from anywhere. I am getting GREAT results so far from all of the different classes that Femmephasize offers. You will be hooked!

Ariana P.

I used to think I was in shape because I worked out on my own at home, but after Femmephasize I realized I wasn't as strong as I could be! These classes kick my booty... in a good way! After just two weeks I could see and feel a difference!

Heather R.

A wonderful fitness experience! The instructor is REALLY good! Her fun, upbeat personality really keeps me going. I HIGHLY recommend Femmephasize!



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